About BitScript

Our NorthStar is to scale the programming layer of Bitcoin by introducing & supporting developers to the ecosystem through educational on-boarding & technical support.

We do this by shipping intuitive, powerful, & flexible Bitcoin development tools that together make up a Bitcoin Development Environment.

The first of these is a transaction deserializer that’s in MVP now. 


Who Are We

We’re a tiny but fiery team with more than a decade in software engineering & product development. We recently spent the majority of our time working within the Stacks community & slowly working our way to building on Bitcoin. Through this journey, we realized the significant gap in educational content & development tooling in the most important chain of them all.

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Contact Or Feedback?

Our goal is to grow alongside the community of developers leveraging our platform - this means we’re always happy to hear from you.

We’re continuously adjusting our roadmap & would love to hear about what features fit your needs best. Whether you’re curious about a topic or immediately need a specific update / feature, we highly encourage you get in contact.

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